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Timely. Relevant. Necessary. Virtual Entrepreneurship: Creating and Operating a Home-based Online Business is the answer many students, business owners, and entrepreneurs seek. Not only does it speak to the spirit of free enterprise, but also it offers a blueprint for developing a successful model of business ownership that best incorporates technology, ambition, and entrepreneurial zest.

If delivering products and services in the virtual world is your intention, this book gives you the tools, unlocks mysteries, and debunks myths. As technology continues to erode barriers of space, time, language, and location, the speed and complexity of technological advances intimidate and confound many students and aspiring entrepreneurs. Integrating technology into a business model requires knowledge, forethought, and experience. Strategies and knowledge are needed to discern technological assault from technological opportunity. This book provides just that.

The text provides the know-how and the confidence needed to be an effective service provider and achieve world-class success in the virtual world. Virtual Entrepreneurship: Creating and Operating a Home-Based Online Business eliminates the guesswork that too often sabotages viable, innovative entrepreneurial efforts and ambition.

Combining years of experience and insight as an educator with the knowledge and love of technology, Professor Smedley has created an effective step-by-step resource that will keep an entrepreneur’s fire-in-the-belly embers ablaze. Solid academic knowledge is complemented by real-world experience and insights from practitioners and colleagues. Through explicit examples, authentic dialogue and stories, and well-researched information, Professor Smedley effectively closes the gap between theory and practice.

In addition to covering operational topics such as planning, marketing, and finances, this book offers a rich compendium of advice, support, and good counsel. Virtual Entrepreneurship: Creating and Operating a Home-based Online Business will take an entrepreneur from the drawing board to the playing field. It is a must-have, must-read book for times such as these.

Debra J. Crumpton
Business Division
Sacramento City College
Sacramento, CA

I recommend reading Virtual Entrepreneurship because it’s an excellent guide for all future projects.

I started working as a Virtual Assistant in 1996, all by myself, in Argentina. I dreamt all these years that sometime my project was going to be mentioned in one book edited in the USA, like the ones I bought during my trips. If I did it, YOU CAN MAKE IT!

I encourage you to dream about your projects by reading this wonderful guide. A big hug and thanks Lauri for being with me on this road – talking about Bureau Red in her Book.

Marcela Frugoni
Online Training Manager
Bureau Red Argentina

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I started working as a Virtual Assistant in 2003 in Bulgaria. All these years I used only Internet sources to get advice and to exchange ideas with colleagues working in the sphere of virtual entrepreneurship. When I was invited by Lauri to participate in her research and to be included in her book, it was a dream came true. Her book is valuable source for all who are dreaming to start virtual businesses and it is a unique assistant to those who have already started but need some guidance. I highly recommend the book to all students, freelancers, and colleagues. Thank you, Lauri for all your hard work, enthusiasm and positive energy!

Gabriella Mitteva
Virtual Assistant

Purchasing the Virtual Entrepreneurship book and the financial disks from Professor Smedley was the best investment I have made in my Virtual Office business since I started in 2009. Professor Smedley has put all the ideas and concepts together in one comprehensive book that supports future business owners and entrepreneurs. I continue to learn from Professor Smedley as I follow her podcasts on Blog TalkRadio and she has interviewed some of the most professional virtual assistants and business owners that are in the business. I truly believe that anyone contemplating starting a business should purchase her book and financial CDs and follow her as she continues to be a wonderful teacher and professional on every level.

Sheila James
JVOTS-James Virtual Office Technology Services

I first met Professor Smedley when she was a guest of mine for an online radio talk show I produce. At that time, she was knee-deep in the interview process for her book, "Virtual Entrepreneurship". Months later, I received an email from Lauri letting me know her book had been completed. I was excited for her and I was also excited to read the book, being a virtual entrepreneur myself. 

"Virtual Entrepreneurship" is a book full of information and resources that aspiring virtual entrepreneurs can use to help get the foundation needed to start their own businesses. It is also a nice refresher for veteran business owners as well! What I took away most from the book, however, was the real-world information and advice provided by virtual entrepreneurs in every stage of their businesses--advice received from entrepreneurs from around the world.  What better way to learn than from others who have been there, done that and are willing to lend a helping hand to their fellow virtual entrepreneurs!

Darlene G.
New Jersey

As a Virtual Business Assistant, I’ve had the opportunity to read many books on the subject of virtual entrepreneurship. None of the books that I’ve read come close to Professor Smedley’s book, Virtual Entrepreneurship. This book walks you through the process, from the conception of your idea to start a virtual-based business right through the hanging of the shingle on your virtual doors. From great resources to case studies and useful templates, I wholeheartedly recommend reading Virtual Entrepreneurship because it truly delivers in helping the reader to successfully create a home-based online business.

Carlana Charles
Carlana & Co


Thank you so very much for the review copy. I will no longer use the "other" textbook in my course. I LOVED everything about the textbook. The end-of-chapter materials--key terms, additional resources, and assignments will be extremely beneficial to my students. As an instructor, you have really made the course easy to teach because of all the supplemental material.

My students will find your book very informative as they explore careers in the VA industry. By the way, thank you for mentioning Springfield Technical Community College in your textbook!

Linda Belton, Chair
Office Information Technologies
School of Business and Information Technologies
Springfield Technical Community College

I have learned a lot from the Virtual Entrepreneurship book and the Financial Templates CD.  One of the things that I learned is that entrepreneurs should have a business plan in place, including a financial plan, in order to help their businesses become successful.  The Virtual Entrepreneurship book and the Financial Templates CD helped me to create a plan for my simulated business.

Estrellita Saldate
Sacramento City College Student